Article: How to use astrology to tell if a person is lying ?

Astrologer Vishnuprasad Mallya


We all are Human Being and most of the time we try to be completely honest, but we still lie on some of the one likes to lie but it is used to manipulate others.

Now we will try to identify some of the planetary positions and its placements by which we tell lie most of the time. Generally 2nd house and the karaka of the house budh and the ruling planet of the 2nd house is aspected by rahu or budh is in connection with saturn people with this planetary position generally become lier.

If rahu is placed in 2nd house then also i have experienced few peoples tell lie on office related works. If mercury is placed in 6th house or 8th house or 12th house then or in pisces sign expected by some malefic planet then also the person tell lie depending on the situation.

  • Aries peoples generally will not tell lie
  • Taurus peoples expect the things should happen according to their way so they will tell a bit lie.
  • Gemini peoples are intelligent and this zodiac sign is ruled by mercury so they are skilled in communication and convincing others, so they are lairs in business areas.
  • Cancer peoples are caring and they love their peoples strongly and they are not lairs but if they lie then also they will lie to protect you.
  • Leo peoples will not like to tell lie and when they talk to you, you will not be able to judge whether the are telling the true story or its fake they will lie with confident but this peoples are good from heart and they are occasional lair.
  • Virgo peoples are not lair and if they lie you can catch them easily.
  • Libra are diplomats, lying is necessity for them, their lies are somewhat believable like geminis and leos, peoples will not be able to identify their lies easily.
  • Scorpio is a situational lair and they will come up with a best lie as per the situation.
  • Sagittarius are the honest peoples if the other planets position is proper position. But if they lie then they will be easily caught.
  • Capricorn peoples are true peoples they hate lying and due to some pressure if they accept to tell lie they some day they will feel it guilty and they will end it up by saying the truth.
  • Aquarius is the airy sign and they are very good lairs but they present it such a manner that people will believe them.
  • Pisces zodiac sign will not like to tell lie but if they are lieing then the reason it to save you or to protect themselves but they are the true souls.

By Vishnuprasad

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