Article: If twins are born at the same time, would they have similar luck based on astrology ?

Astrologer Vishnuprasad Mallya

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Each person on earth is as different as their finger print and also the past life karma has a effect on his current life, so there is no way that twins will be same in nature, career and studies as the one may be excellent and the other may be worst depending upon the placement as the birth date, time and place me be same but there may be slight change in both the charts as the ascendant, nakshatra, pada, moon sign may be same but if you look at the sub charts you will get an idea.

I had a experience of a twins which i would like to share, one person who was having a knowledge of basic astrology bought a horoscope of twins to me and he asked me about them, he asked me that the 1st person is still alive and the 2nd person is died so i want to understand why it happened even though they have born at the same time, place and date, so i went through the horoscope of both the people and i had a look at the D-60 chart and i analysed and after sometime i told him that this person is died and this is alive so he was shocked to hear that.

So, you might have understood that the twins born at the same time will not have a same effect on their lives. And they will have a different effect as per the sub charts accordingly.

And also if you analyse the shaistiamsa chart then you will get a clear idea of the lifes of the twins. The universe is vast and mysterious enough that not even astrology can control the outcome of the two / more lives.

As the twins will have some events of life similar coincidentally, but again there is a karma which changes their destiny.

As moon is the speedy planet in the universe so definately there will be a difference of moon effects i different varga charts.

Its not the matter of twins even if the peoples born on the same day, same time and same place will not have the same future.

I also had a experience of twin sisters who had married and after marriage the elder sisters life is like a hell living in poverty and the younger is living a luxurious life so it here we get a idea that along with the astrology the karma is also important.

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