Article: Remedies to recover money lost in stock market

Astrologer Nagarajan.S

The stock market is the most important part of the money-making business. Everybody who invested in the stock market wants their speculation reports to give successful results. But this might be a dream for everyone not only in India but also for the whole world because of coronavirus spreading.

The stock market is related to financial astrology. Accordingly, 5th, 8th & 11th houses for the casual benefit from stock/share market. Jupiter and Mercury will give big success and huge money in the stock market, whereas the present position of Raghu and Moon decides the current losses in stock market. According to India's horoscope based on 15th August 1947 independence born in Delhi and time is 12.01 am or 00.01 am. So, its, Moon sign is Cancer. presently, the period from 2015 to 2025 under Moon Dasha. The Moon is also the weakest planet since it is placed in its own sign of Cancer 3rd house indicates, great emotional expectations among all sections of society, day to day agitations, heavy losses in industrial sectors, stock and share markets. The government will find it quite difficult to control these critical situations. Moon being 3rd lord which is 12th from 4th house will generally give malefic results and cause loss of happiness for the public in almost all matters. Also, the Moon being the 3rd lord India will have to face excessive problems with all its neighbors since there is no opportunity to create problems for India. However, they are using anti-India elements.

This critical position will stand up in the middle of April 2020. After that, there is a possibility of brightness in India's future in all aspects including the Stock market. Who are losts in the markets will get gain.

Remedies to recover money lost in stock market:

  1. Feed cows with green grass which invites more and more money in the stock market's gain.
  2. Feed animals and birds, keep water bowl to crows and birds,
  3. Charity of goats will be auspicious for the win in the stock market,
  4. Offer in donation the things associated with the moon like Silver, Rice, wheat, jaggery, milk, etc.
  5. wear silver bangles on the right hand,
  6. server for parents since Moon meant for motherhood.
  7. Visit temple, especially on Monday, pray the Lord Siva and Durga Parameswari will donate all the good things to the native who lost money in stock market.

The above remedies should follow for a Mandal of 40 to 43 days. Follow one remedy at a time, and the remedies should be done between Sunrise and Sunset. Don't miss any days within 43 days' schedules. If a person can't able to do the remedies, his or her blood relatives like son, father, mother, brother or sister can do.

If any money loss person in the stock market follows these remedies, definitely they will get back their money with huge gain.

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