Article: Vastu remedies for keeping house cool in summer.

Astrologer Perminder Singh

Atmosphere is getting warmer year by year and dependence on air conditioning is increasing . West facing house remain more hot as compared to others. Vastu tips or architecture tips can help to solve it to some extent. In my early days , I have seen people keep their curtain ends dipped in bucket of water. The wet curtain part and water in bucket absorbed the heat, lowers humanity but now no body likes it. It is scientific. As far as architecture tips are concerned, few of them may be as follows

  • Keep provision of cross ventilation in every room while constructing the house. People are not keeping even ventilator as per advice of modern architects or to look rooms pretty good. Windows height, width also helps in ventilation.
  • Big foliage plants near windows protect from direct scratching Sun light.
  • Curtain on doors and windows of be soft fabric. Wrong fabric may make rooms warmer and not cool.
  • Cool lights and lighting should be used.
  • Exhaust fans installation is very helpful . It should be in every room. Generally we keep its use limited to kitchen only.
  • Refrigerator should not be kept in kitchen. It generally finds place in kitchen only.
  • After getting heated for day long time, our roof significantly contributes to warmth inside. Tiles on roof can help us. If reflective tiles are used on roof while under construction, it supports the idea to keep house cool. Alternatively, tiles can be painted white. This way roof absorbs lesser heat from Sun.
  • Arrangement should be made to water the entire roof and develop a kitchen garden as per seasonal needs. This also lowers the warmth of concrete in roof for a longer time.
  • Height of roof has own significance in vastu. One is spending so much money on costly luxurious items of show but wrong advice of architect compel many of us keep the height of roof low. This cuts cost, they say. But gives heat and ailments as concentration of carbon dioxide emissions increase inside. It should be 14' generally.
  • Load on electric appliance also increase the inside temperature. These should be used/ operated at appropriate place as per vastu.

Hope this helps.

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