Article: What are the consequences of a Manglik marrying a non Manglik ?

By Astrologer Vishnuprasad Mallya

Its a wrong concept or thought that if a manglik chart marries a non manglik then there will be a problem as the planet is named as Mangal which cannot do amangal things if he is a yoga karaka planet or placed in a good situation.

What is Manglik dosha ?

When Mangal is placed in 1st house, 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house, and 12th house then the jataka is called as manglik

The same rule applies if the mangal is the above mentioned houses from planet moon and venus he is considered as manglik but the % will be considered on all the point like mangal placement from Lagna, Moon and Venus.

The Lagna is taken because for Health and Character, Moon is taken for Mindset of the person, and Venus is a natural karaka for Marital happiness.

Qualities of a Manglik

Due to manglik he will be aggressive, speed, he will be stub-born, angry young, will have more sexual desire compared to nonmanglik chart but we also have to check the placements of 7th lord and the aspects of other planets.

If the mangal is placed in 1st house then it has a effect on 4th, 7th and 8th houses so due to which he will have a angry nature his mother will have some diseases and also if there is no good aspect on 7th house then it could lead to a problematic life. Also aspect on 8th house causes surgery or accidents in life, but this is applicable only if the mangal is a having a malefic for the jataka the same mangal will give good results that he will be much interested in sports, good physique, will be wealthy have lot of property, the mangal in 1,4,7,10 th house in own sign or exalted sign then it is called as ruchak yoga which is amongst the panchmahapurush yoga.

Effects on marriage

So now we will discuss regarding the marriage between the two manglik and nonmanglik we need to check the horoscope of both the partners but majorily as per my experience i have seen the mangal in 2nd house and 8th house puts a negative effect on the life partners health if the other partner is non manglik.

Simultaneously the placement of 12th mangal gives you disturbed sleep and sexual problems if afflicted in the chart.

Its a totally wrong decision that mangal should not marry to non-manglik this is a business made by many astrologers, also there is a wrong concept of matching the points i have noticed the person who had obtained 32 points leads to divorce or separation and the person with 12 points had lead a successful and happy married life.

So the horoscopes should be matched with planets and other expects like the health, wealth, family relation, age approximate, child, and other necessary points.

The only draw back i see is the manglik person will have strong desire and he will be having a aggressive nature so it affects the opposite partners life and also in somecases if the matching is not proper then it leads to hospitalisation, and other issues.

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