Article: What astrological alignments are best for govt jobs ?

Astrologer ramesh inder sharma

Govt jobs depends upon 10th house from lagna,,10th, house from moon,, lord of navamsha containing 10 th house,&Sun karka for profession. The service depends uponStrenghth of lagna, Sun is the karka for Royal,High profession, Govt, service,magestrtate, high profile politican.medical officer., planet is moon, it denotes mind,Moon is the karkawas of,works liquid,s,dairy products,traveller, hawker, naval officer salt, sea and changes.pearls, merchants., Mars, planet is karkawas for professions of action, fire, medical , police, engineering works, lands, daring jobs, lawyers, surgeons related to operations.medicines and metal workers.And the Mercury planet signifies TRADE.reasoning, and education..auditors, clerks, accounts,teachers, authors,poets, editors.,publishers, mathematicans,,business, transport, messangers..Jupiter signifies, intelligency,expansion,and digngity, it is related with the profession of bankers,judges, treasures,teachers, preachers,advertising agents. Then Venus is the for the profession of pleasures, artists, music,video,tv artists, film actors, jewellery, cosmetics, fashion designers. The Saturn is related with the govt professions/services, misery,oil and coal,punsihment, and justifcation jobs.agricultures and brick klins.. now comes Rahu and Ketu, planets, rahu related to research, lawyers, speculators, electricity, medicines and drugs. The ketu is of detective nature, secret services, investigations, tricky jobs and prison related. works, scholarsThe nature of profession is seen , Check the planet in 10th from lagna,or moon whichever is stronger,,next profession is attributed to the lord of navamsha,occupied by planet owning 10th. house from lagna..Moon,oer Sun,whichever is the strongest.. THe nature of profession is also seen by the nature of the sign in which Dashmashalagna falls, if the lord of lagna is exalted,in own house,,in mooltrikona,or aspects the lagna,or is in kendra,or trikona,.It is also seen from the planet influencing the 10thhouse, if more than one influencing then which is stronger in nature is seen.If only one planet influencedasamsha lagna or 10 th house, thenthis planetwill dominate the profession and there will be no possibility of change in nature. Then it depends upon the nature of signs, if moveable, fixed or duel sign, it also changes according to the nature of signs. Also may in watery sign, fiery sign ,eathy or airy sign, their influence is also seen on the profession. hence the role of s 12 signs, their lords, nakshatrs and nakshtra lords also plays a hevoc role in selection of profession or business.As for govt . service is concerned as, all professions are govt,in nature, either related to water, fire, air or earth signs, but role of mars, sun, and saturn is important along with blessings of jupiter.Combinations of the sun and mars is very basis of govt, srvice, with relation to lagna, 10th house, conjoined or aspect or joint as the case be. combination of Saturn and Mars with reference to placement ,aspect,combination of two gives govt. service in 10th house, or in lagna.The role of jupiter and moon in centre, aspecting the tenth house ,or in trikona with mars/or sun or saturn also gives govt. service.

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