Article: What astrological combinations cause video game addiction ? What are some remedies ?

Astrologer Kuldip awasthi

Addictions are bad , there is lot of astrological reasons are there for video video game addiction in kids , if Venus is debilitated in native's birth chart , thus placement of planet makes him lethargic and put him in fantasy , video games can fulfill is imagenative hunger he loves to spend time with it .

Deblitated Venus creates hurdles to establish relationship with outer world , because of this the native wants to involve only in his world. This planet never allow the native to be careful for himself . The remedies for debilitated VENUS are to donate clothes ,milk and sweet to the needy persons and chanting of VENUS mantra Om shukraya namah can reduce the effects of this planet . Second planet open the native and the dream world is RAHU , if this planet is placed in the magnetic place of natives horoscope then definitely avoid to take any kind of stress in his life , even I don't want to take bath or any other activity in is routine life , he likes to spend his day in the world of fantasies which found in video games or in his dreams , it can make the families atmosphere stressful it will be better to keep those person from the family . There is so much content in gaming as well full . If you want a good game there is tons out of here , it really just depends on what games you like to play and what genre. If you like to play popular ones, decision making once and open worlds ones . If you wanting to have a temporary run away/ get away place , I recommend open world games .

Games like Skyrim or fallout 4 are good to open world. Constantly making yourself alone doesn't help , make sure you are not isolated and remember that you are the only person with you your entire life, therefore take care of yourself physically and mentally. If you want something to calm you down when you feel upset I advise you to listen the sunscreen by buz Lurmann , the writer of the modern Romeo and Juliet Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. If you feel sad then don't feel bad for crying , crying releases endorphins too , always try to come out from your lonelyness and virtual world , because there is lots of challenges and competition is waiting for you , prepare yourself for everything , it would be a slow process but definitely put you out from your weaknesses and worries .

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