Article: What astrological combinations result in native being single for life ?


As regards your question of Single or unmarried in whole life can be explained as under:

As marriage in the Janam Kundli or Horoscope is to be seen from the 7th house , the success or difficulties or failure or no marriage yoga is depended on the strength or weekness of the 7th house and its lord. If marriage house lord is well placed i.e. placed in good houses without any affliction, then it will be good marriage. Secondly, when marriage house i.e. 7th house is aspected by benefic planets, then it is also a good sign, And in case both the 7th house and its lord is aspected by benefic without any ill aspect of malefic planets, the native will have good marriage.

On the other side, if 7th house and its lord is afflicted, then it can be discord in the marriage or disturb married life. So any affliction to 2nd house, 4th house 5th house, 7th house and 9th house by Saturn, Rahu ,Mars and Sun can take you towards unmarried life or single life. As is evident that Saturn is lord of delay and its aspect on the 7th house, 7th lord will delay the marriage. Rahu is lord of Confusion, Sun is lord of Attitude, Mars is lord of discord.So any of its influence on the 7th house or on its lord can create problem towards married life.

Further, if marriage lord is ill placed i.e. placed in the 6th , 8th or 12 house and has malefic aspect of Saturn or Rahu and or Mars, it can lead you towards no marriage yoga, Further, if your 2nd house or 4th house is afflicted by Saturn or Rahu alongwith 7th house and or its lord, it will enhance the chance of single hood in life. If 9th house is also afflicted by Saturn /Rahu it will also enhance the chances of single hood. So affliction to 7th house, 7th lord, 2nd house,9th house, 4th house alongwith Ascendant by Rahu, Saturn, Mars and with benefic aspect of Jupiter, Venus can bestow single hood.

Brief combinations:

  1. Saturn in Lagna and Sun in 7th house aspected by Rahu/Mars or vice versa and without any benefic aspect.
  2. Saturn in 7th house and Rahu/Mars in Ascendant without benefic aspect.
  3. 7th lord in 6th 8th or 12 house and aspected by Saturn/Rahu/Mars and Sun in Lagna or 7th house without any benefic aspect.
  4. Saturn in 2nd house, 4th house and is on Rahu Ketu axis and aspected by Mars with displacement of 7th house lord without any benefic aspect of Jupiter or Venus.

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