Article: What is birth time correction ?

Astrologer Sunder Venkataram

To correct his birth chart, a good astrologer will carefully use the standard birth details like date, place and time of birth given by the client. Of these the most important is the time of birth.The time of birth is needed to calculate the Siderial time of birth which will then determine the Ascendant from one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.Hindus call it the 'lagna' and it is from this sensitive point 'lagna' that the other eleven houses of a horoscope is found.

In these modern times of technology where things have advanced so much and made life easier for Man, we still make mistakes to note the correct time of birth of a child. Of course, the other debate still continues. Is it the first cry of the baby or is it the first breath that the baby takes? Which one should to be taken as the time of birth? Sometimes a difference of just a few minutes can change the horoscope totally. Twins are born within a span of five minutes. On first looks, their horoscopes will look similar. Yet when they grow up, one becomes a surgeon in a top hospital while the other works in a petty job in a slaughter house. What is there in the chart of the twin child that made him work in a slaughter house? These are questions that research scholars on astrology have asked for decades. A difference of five minutes made all the difference.

So it is essential to have the correct time of birth at least to the minute to arrive at a horoscope and make predictions using the principles of astrology that came from one generation to the next. It is here that the work of our revered Guruji Professor K.S. Krishnamurthi comes to mind. By relying more on the cusps and sub lords of a sign, he had great success tio make some amazing correct predictions. He proposed his own theory called as the sub lord theory that is being widely used by all his grateful students all over the world today. Each thirty degrees in a sign were divided as the sign lord, star lord, the sub lord and the sub sub lord. Using this technique he made that revolutionary statement that a planet gives the result of the lord of the constellation in which he is placed.Saturn may be in the 12th house in Venus star for Kanya lagna.Most of us predict bad results for the native who had such a combination. But what if Venus was the 11th in Cancer? The person will get brilliant results in Sani being in Venus star in the 11th.

Why is all this technical information necessary to predict accurately? It is because a few minutes in noting the time of birth can change the sub lords of the ascendant and other houses.If the astrologer gives wrong readings then there could be something wrong in the time of birth noted. It is here that the rectification of birth time comes into the picture. Scholars over the years have come up with methods to rectify the time of birth. But the most recent was the one given by Prof Krishnamurthi himself. He had boldly stated that the ruling planets at the time of judgement will be the same ruling planets at the time of birth. These are the ascendant and its lords and the Moon and its lords. KP astrologers from all over the world today are using the ruling planets technique to rectify the time of birth of a child. The arc of the ascendant is corrected to include all the ruling planets at the time of judgement. This in essence is birth time rectification.

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