Article: What is the future of Tiktok ?

Astrologer S Ramakrishnan

Tik Tok is a video sharing game owned by a Chinese ByteDance from Beijing in China. It is owned by a Chinese person Zhang Yiming. Millions of Indians were glued and addicted to the game. Suddenly the app and other Chinese apps (totalling 59 apps) were banned by the Indfian government to express protest and resentment against the killing of 20 Indian soldiers brutally by the Chinese army on June 15th 2020 midnight.

India's mundane horoscope shows Taurus as its Lagnam and Venus as its Lagnatipati (Lord of the Ascendant). Venus is very soft and fond of enjoyment and luxury. India is a country not interested in conquering other countries and wants only friendship with others. However, India still faced trouble from China as India's transit Jupiter transited in its Eighth House (House of Longevity). Lord of the Eighth House (House of Longevity) in the Eighth House (House of Longevity) is a dangerous placement and could invite trouble. In fact, the trouble started around a month before the transit as Jupiter is a slow-moving planet and indicates its arrival around a month before it actually arrives. Natal Lord of the Eighth House (House of Longevity) Jupiter was placed in a Dusthana (Bad Place) in the Sixth House (House of Health and Enemies) in Libra. Ketu is India's Avayogi (The planet that brings obstacles to you during his dasa and transit period) and Ketu was transiting in the Eighth House (House of Longevity). This was very bad situation and hence the Galwan conflict broke out between India and China. However, India is shaping up very well because it is running Saturn Antardasa now and Saturn is the Yogakarak for India.

TikTok can never come back to India because of the public sentiments to boycott Chinese goods and services. The conflict also will not end smoothly as Saturn is a slow-moving planet.

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