Article: When will we get a vaccine for Covid ?

Astrologer Sandeep Kumar Bakshi

I made an IP kundli for finding the cure of covid 19. The Date is 28. 10. 2020 Time 10.37.40 and place is panipat. from the kundli I checked for cure and find that the IP kundli is indicating problem related to Mercury. Checked the 6th house for the area were it will effect and SL/NL of sixth house were SL is Moon and NL is Sa. the significate of Moon and Saturn were 1,2,3,8,9,10 and these are the area were the covid will impact, checked the SL of the above mention

House SL Significator Result Body Part
1 Ve 6,9,10,11 Recovery Brain, depression
2 Me 4,5,7,10,12 Hospital & recovery. Eye, throat, tongue
3 Me 4,5,7,10,12 Hospital & recovery. Sensory organ, arms
8 Me 4,5,7,10,12 Hospital & recovery. incurable diseases
9 Ve 6,9,10,11 Hospital operation and recovery. Paralysis, femoral arteries
10 Sa 1,2,3,9,10 operation only recovery from will power. Knees, spinal cord and back pain.

Then I checked the Dasha/AD/PD for expected cure of covid, present dasha is Saturn and cure of Covid is possible in PD of rahu as it will transit in Venus and venus is co ruling of 1,5,11 house which indicate the recovery. The Rahu PD will run between 08 Dec 2021 to 22.05.2022 and hopefully cure will come in this time.

Conclusion: We will get a Covid vaccine between 08-Dec-2021 to 22-May-2022.


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