Article: Which digits are lucky / unlucky for selecting phone numbers ?

Astrologer Perminder Singh

Lucky number may be found on two basis.

No 1

The single digit birth date of the only for example if I am born on 12th , the single digit comes to 1+2=3 or if born on 29 then 2+9= 11 & again 1+1= 2.

No. 2

The single digit number by adding all the digit of date of birth ex. 24.02.1967 then 2+4+0+2+1+9+6+7= 31= 4.

This single digit number is my lucky number.

The total of you mobile number digits when converted to single digit should come out to be the same as your lucky number of birth as shown above.So mobile number should be selected accordingly. Mobile number digits should be of ten digits only excluding the area code. It is also recommended that mobile number should not contain more than two zeros. Zero digit should not appear more than twice. Your birth date number donates your personality and important mental traits as number 1 to 9 is related to 9 planets. Similarly the mobile number digit indicate your personality and if not commensurate to lucky number will not suit you and number needs to changed in accordance to your personality. Suitability of mobile number is very significant. There for it is appropriate to mention the traits of nine numbers so that you can check that mobile number is suitable to you and your personality.

  1. This is strong number and is related to Authority, power, success and fame.
  2. This is good for Lover of art,music care and emotions.
  3. This number relates to Ambitions, writers, teachers, communication.
  4. This indicate Unstability. Suits to politics and media.
  5. This is for Strutured busy life.
  6. This number related to Lovers. Musicians, home makers.
  7. This is a mystic number. Philosophy and thinkers.
  8. This number represents masses. Business, lawyers and educationalists.
  9. This is the highest number and is connected to those who serve for services of society like those running NGOs, trusts, healing, paramedical services, cure etc.

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