Article: Which pets get good luck and which ones get bad luck ?

by Astrologer Vishnuprasad Mallya

We will just have a look at the pets which are lucky and unlucky from the astrology point of view?

Cat - As per hindu puranas and european culture keeping a cat is unlucky also keeping the pictures of this animal in home puts its effect.

Dog - Keeping a Dog in house is considered as a very good, as dog represents loyalty and protection of the house also it keep people active and informed of the stranger visiting at your place.

Turtle - Keeping a Turtle in your home in north direction is considered auspicious as per vastu principles and it also symbolises the wealth and it will surely bring good luck to you.(But one needs to be careful of his eyes while going near to turtle)

Fish - It is another good symbol as it represents matsya avtaar and keeping a aquarium in north direction boosts positive energy in your house (If you keep 7 gold fish and one black gold fish it is said that it attracts wealth at home) it also brings good energy in the home due to its movement in water.

Snakes - Now a days many people keep snakes at home as it is considered most unlucky as per the hindu myths and the reason behind it may be a poisonous animal.

Frog - As per fengsui and chinese astrology frog is considered a good sign of fortune and you should welcome them if they are found in your garden or the external areas of your house (As it symbolises fortune and wealth)

Pig - Lot of people keep pig as a pet which is not a good sign as per hindu puranas and they should be kept away from home areas as it spreads diseases due to being in a dirty areas.

Horse - As per the vastu & fengsui principles keeping a horse or a picture of the horse in house or your garden it boosts your career as it symbolises power.

Cow - A cow is called as a gau-mata in hindus and it is considered higly auspicious to keep her as a pet as we drink her milk and become strong also as per vastu gau-mutra sprinkling in house removes negativity from home.(Cow brings peace)

Rabbit - As keeping a rabbit in house helps in curing diseases related to Thyroid But the pee smells badly and the hair fall of rabbit spreads diseases but it adds speed to your environment and makes the environment energetic.

Pigeons - Keeping pigeons in house is good for memory and it is also good for paralytic attacks but it should be kept away from home as per the vastu principles any birds should not make nest near your home.(As the crying of Pigeon is considered highly inasuspicious)

Keeping birds Like-Parrot, Hen & Pigeon are auspicious but they should be kept far from home.

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