Article: Why do we see so many failed marriages in todays world? Is there any astrological reason for so many failed marriages?

Astrologer Kuldip awasthi

Keeping astrology aside many marriages fail because the people involved put in an effort to show their best self initially . This continuous as they tried to woo each other and after marriage , act as if the trophy is won. They start seeing the nuances and noticing the shortcoming of each other . Now is the time they start being themselves without worrying about being perceived as "not good".

Astrological point of views, in most of the cases both boys and girls running through the disturbing phase of their married life , this great disturbance in their married life , in this case compatibility of birth chat is not enough , it should be analysed that even one chart must be in favourable phase for married life. Nothing can cause trouble in the life of human beings other than disturbed relationship or marriage. Emotional support is one of the most required need of our life and all happiness and peace in life can only be enjoyed only if one is bestowed with favourable relationship in life.

Venus and moon has great role for the success or failure of marriages . Weakness of Venus indicates lack of passion for love Venus place between sun and moon indicates failure in love affairs inharmonious relation between Venus and moon makes the native dissatisfied with his own love life or married life and the flirtatious and fickle nature of native may cause a constant need for variety . Inharmonious relation between Venus and Mars create immediate boredom in the intimate relationship . inharmonious relation between Venus and Saturn causes frequent separations due to difficulty of expressing emotions.

Rahu's affliction to Venus indicates short term lived involvement and temporary craving for sexual pleasure . Venus posited in the constellation of sun and influenced by moon indicates failed love affairs / marriages. The planetary body which mainly governs human emotions in the moon. Different aspects between Moon and other planets give stress and ease to expressing and understanding of emotions. Moon and sun conjunction indicates separation in physical and emotional formed between you and your partner. Inharmonious relation between Moon and mercury indicates over anxious, confused and stressful mind which may cause love cries due to extreme nervousness. inharmonious aspects of Venus and moon create irritability and dissatisfaction in a relationship. Moon and Mars in bad aspects creates over intensity of emotional expression and one sided love affairs. These are the main reasons which can responsible for failure of marriages.

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