Article: Why is it advised not to read your own janam kundali ?

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In recent years world have seen large number of ambitious, well qualified people are attracted towards Jotish, There first encounter with Jotish happens when they entered into the phase where depression occurs in their kundli. These young talented ambitious people tries to fight with the odd and fails and then they turn their head to the other versions which they were righting off without considering for so long.

This encounter bring them not only closure to the Jotish but also the ancient knowedge of indian scriptures. Most people do not want to know the solution of the problems but they are most interested to know the route of the problems they are facing.

So they do not decide to go to Jotish reader, rather they decide to learn by themselves. and they do not respect the various rules which traditional Jotishi's follow one of them is "do not read your own Kundli".

Everyone reads own kundli and I don't see any exception to it , but whether there is any logic in avoiding to read your own kundli? reason may be only Emotional and not logical.

The reason which I found and it's my own opinion is, Reading the kundli is same for a doctor not to treat himself.

This is specific to the point that one who reads own kundli is terifically bised about himself in either way, positive or negative. It someone is negatively bised about himself ,in both the cases it will not be good for him emotionally.

Other opinion which psychological study also confirms as, when you predict about something ( In this case your own ) there are the high chances that you will like to see that happening and your prediction should comes true. This bring a person in tussle between himself, and ultimately he is gets highly motivated to work according to his predictions. This are often creates troubles to unknownly to the onself, if predictions are extreme then this can be dangerous as well.

There are chances that when someone knows about its weakness and strength via kundli, then he will be able to cope up with the life in a better way but the chances are not less specially when person is good at predictions.

Finally, my experience in this field says that overall reading the kundli is not fun at all when you are really good at predictions. This is a serious science and taking it seriously is fatal. and hence this advoice is must for all learners "Do not read your own kundli".

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