Article: Will Tiktok be un-banned in India ?

Astrologer S.k. misra

When I started to answer , will tiktok unbaned in india . Lagan is scorpion and it's star lord is saturn and mars and Saturn both show 11 house significant ,so it will high chances to unbanned , but take time because Saturn delay the work .So this app will unbanned in future .

At this moment when I start to solve the question rulling planet is , mars, Saturn,Saturn Jupiter and Jupiter . Means lagan lord is marsh and it's star is Saturn , moon is in meen rashi ,lord Jupiter ,moon is in u. Bhadra nakshatra lord Saturn and today Thursday lord Jupiter ,so this time is ruled by these planet and Saturn and Jupiter is more powerful ,than work will done when Saturn nakshatra or Jupiter nakshatra come. Deu to Saturn work delay so we move jupiter from current rashi and nakshatra to saturn or Jupiter rashi nakshatra. We move Jupiter because this work will done in approximately one year or more than one year deu to Saturn.

Now Jupiter is in dhanu rashi and next rashi is makar in both dhanu and makar have no nakshatra of Saturn or Jupiter so work will done when Jupiter enter into kumbh rashi and at 21 degree in kumbh p. Bhadra nakshatra of Jupiter come so this work will done in 2023 november /december .

Another chance to unbanned will also when sun enter into brishchik rashi at anuradha nakshatra in 26 november 2020 . So there are two chances to unbanned this app 1st is in November after26 or in 2023 after december .

Tiktok will unbanned in india but take some time to do this work . THis work means tiktok unbanned because at current chart both lagna lord and lagan star show 11 house significant strongly when 11 house connect strongly it will high chance done . So this Tiktok will unbanned in india .

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