Astrologer Dashboard: Skipped tabs, Survey tabs and Avg fees chart

Posted on 04-May-2017

We have added three features to the astrologer dashboard.

Survey tab

We would love to hear feedback on the GoAstrologer platform from astrologers. So we have created a survey that tries to measure this. Survey closes on 31-May-2017.

Skipped questions tab

This tab has all the questions that have been skipped by the astrologer but are still pending. So in case you change your mind - click on the "Unskip" button and then answer the question on the "Public" tab.

Note that prices are dynamic so if you had skipped due to low fees, that might have changed in this time.

Avg fees chart

The average fees chart shows the fees trends for the last 24 hours. The astrologer can make an informed choice on whether to answer questions then or wait a bit.

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