Changes to GoAstrologer

We have launched a new version of GoAstrologer. It has a new design which is cleaner and loads faster.

For the technically inclined, we have moved from Bootstrap to Bulma css framework.







In addition to cosmetic changes, the following features have been retired.

User referral

The user referral plan was a way for users to earn free readings. If you invited a friend who paid for a reading, you got a free readings.

Very few people use it - so we have decided to retire it. All issued coupons will be honored.

Video testimonial

Video testimonials were another way to win free readings. Due to disuse, we have retired but replaced with image testimonial.

Images in readings

We allowed astrologers to upload images and in some cases users as well. We have disabled that option.

Changes to preview page

  • You can no longer edit questions after submitting. If you have made an error, please delete and create a new question.
  • Cancel does not prompt for confirmation.
  • The UI is the same as answer page.

Changes to answer page.

  • Rearranged elements / buttons / input elements.

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