When the existing Corona Virus Problem be resolved ?

Astrologer Dr Ajay Sharma

(Based on Prashna kundali) I have checked the question chart for your question regarding corona virus. As per question chart presently the ascendant is Scorpio and moon sign is also Scorpio the mass which is the lord of ascendant area and moon sign is placed with Ketu so it is is affected by the ketu which is under influence of negativity. Moon is also placed in in ascendant area in its debilitated sign which is also powerless and creating negativity in environment.

The main factor sun which is is the responsible planet to clear all diseases and negativity is also running in its dead condition in this question chart on 00.30 degree. So as per my reading this march month will be more negative by this corona effect but no need to worry soon in the month of April near about vaisakhi sun will go in its excellence area and it will be more positive and powerful to control the negativity from environment it will be strong to make all these things under its own control and all environmental power Will circulate with positive vibrations when sun will rotate in Aries in its excellence area.so as per question chart that present effect of transit is not good to come out from this coronavirus but coming after 13th April onwards will be definitely a strong time when we will be able to remove this negative virus from environmental force.

As you know that it on the worldwide level all are doing their own efforts to find out the vaccination of this coronavirus and all major scientists are saying that when the temperature of environment will be high then this corona virus will be defeat automatically.so astrologically and as per question chart possibilities are growing after this 13th April onwards and with in three months we will have a vaccination of coronavirus and we will have the full powerful and positive environmental support to fight with the Corona virus so no need to worry just take care of yourself and your all near and dear.

Be safe thank you have a great day.

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