Acceptable refund use

GoAstrologer offers a no questions asked refund policy for new users.

Since we pay astrologers for all questions (paid, unpaid and refunded), we need to ensure that refund feature is used within reason.

Note we pay astrologers even for refunded readings. In such cases we earn 0 but have to pay the listed fees to astrologers.

Refund rate Possibility of getting answer
0-20% High
21-50% Low
over 50% Very unlikely

For example, if you have asked 2 questions but requested refunds for both - it is unlikely astrologers will want to answer any more questions from the particular DoB.

But if you have asked 10 questions and asked for 1-2 refunds, astrologers will still be paid enough to be interested.

We encourage all users to try out the alternate astrology sites in case GoAstrologer does not satisfy their needs.

Please note that the listed sites strictly do not offer refunds / alternate readings under any circumstance.