Fee-only Astrologer

Posted on 31-Aug-2018

Fee-only astrologer is an astrologer who only receive compensation directly from the client, versus being paid through remedies and products that they might sell.

Every professional needs to be compensated for their time. In some cases the compensation is visible, in other cases it is invisible.

For example, if an astrologer offers a "free" reading, but then convinces the client to buy a gemstone worth ₹10,000, then the compensation is invisible.

_ Commission-only Astrologer Fee-only Astrologer
Cost of reading Free Paid. Can be expensive.
Reading accuracy Low. Will try to scare user to push for selling remedies. Medium. No pressure to sell remedies since time is compensated.
Conflict of interest High. All earnings depend on selling remedies / products. Low. Earnings depend on user satisfaction.
Total cost of consulation High. If users opt for remedies / products - then total cost is very high. Otherwise low. Medium. Compensation is mostly because of readings.

It is impossible to completely remove conflict-of-interest. But it is easier to do so if the professional is paid for her time.

GoAstrologer allows astrologers to earn commission via Amazon sales with a clear disclosure notice. Less than 2% of readings have these types of links.

The user should carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding on the type of astrologer. After all, there is nothing like a free lunch.

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