How to earn money using the Affiliate program

To start using the affiliate program, first register your profile.

After clicking on "Join affiliate program", you can enter the profile details. Here you provide a custom coupon code and enter your UPI address.

The custom coupon code starts with AF - and contains only alphanumeric and hyphen. So these are some valid codes - AFROSE, AFBOND007, AF-INDIA


The custom coupon - AFCOUPON in this case - is for your friends or audience. Any person using this coupon gets a ₹10 discount for her reading. Here is how to use a coupon.

If the user pays for the reading, you will get up to 30% of the sales value. In this case ₹189 x 30% = ₹57 commission.


Your affiliate dashboard will show you your earnings, coupon code and current affiliate percentage.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of ₹100, you will see a green "Withdraw" button.


After you click on withdraw, we will send you your earnings within 24 hours. The affiliate earnings will be sent directly to your bank account via the UPI you provided.