Payment options

NOTE From 23-March-2022, the payment system will change as follows.

The astrologer has the option to withdraw the money after crossing the minimum withdrawal limit.

Minimum withdrawal limit

Payment Mode Minimum earnings Details
UPI payment ₹200 We will transfer the earnings to the VPA address (eg yourname@icici). If you don't have a UPI app installed, please install Google Tez. Please submit your VPA address through the Edit profile form.

How to withdraw earnings

If you are over the minimum withdrawal limit, you will see a green button "Withdraw".


You can click the Withdraw button and go to the request page. Here you can request the withdrawal and optionally write your comments.


Note that payments can take up to 7 days to process. The payment options and withdrawal limits are subject to change without any notice.

The issue of fees

If you are unhappy with the per question fees, please read this blog post to read why we cannot raise the fees.

You can add Amazon links to your readings for extra earnings.

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