Privacy at GoAstrologer

Posted on 28-Sep-2018

We are very serious about privacy at GoAstrologer. Every piece of information is restricted to only those actors who absolutely need it.

We ask for the following information while placing an order. 1. Question, 2. Birth details. 3. Contact info.

Here's who can access the following info.

Field Visitor(s) Astrologer(s) Admin Payment processor
Question No Yes Yes No
Answer No Yes Yes No
Birth details No Yes Yes No
Email / Phone No No Yes Yes
Private Review(s) No Yes Yes No
Public Review(s) Yes Yes Yes No

Note that since multiple astrologers can view your questions, we strongly urge users to not leave personal information ( email / contact / full name ) in the question field.

Readings are automatically archived after 14 days for user privacy. Archived readings can only be unlocked by providing the email used to ask the question.

Users can also delete readings permanently.

Anonymous questions

If you prefer to not give out your email, you can use a disposable email service. The phone number is optional, so you can leave it blank. From 01-Mar-2020 we do not ask for the phone number. We need the phone number for payment records.

Reminder emails will be sent to the disposable email for you to read.

This will ensure you have complete anonymity even from GoAstrologer administrators.

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