Review etiquette

GoAstrologer allows users to rate/review astrologers for their answers. However in the interest of fairness on both sides, here is a quick etiquette guide to leaving reviews.



  • Rate the astrologers, not the site (GoAstrologer). Ratings are meant for astrologers. If you are unhappy with GoAstrologer service, please drop an email or request a refund.
  • Point out calculation errors. If there are errors please point them out. This helps other users pick astrologers better.
  • Point out incomplete answers. If there are parts of the questions that have not been answered, please point that out. We will ensure the astrologer addresses those.
  • Remember astrologers can see your review history. If you have been consistently unreasonable, astrologers might stop picking up your questions.


  • Do not give low ratings for different interpretations. Astrologers can and do have different interpretations of the the same charts. It is unfair to penalize them because another astrologer had an opposing view.
  • Do not review the field of "Astrology". If you feel strongly for or against the field of Astrologer, there are other forums for that. GoAstrologer maintains astrology is NOT scientific.
  • Do not give low ratings as a threat for free answers. If you are unsatisfied, please feel free to request for an alternate reading. Do not leave a bad rating for this.
  • Do not give low ratings if you dislike the predictions. Astrologers can sometimes be the bearer of bad news. It is unreasonable to penalize them for that.
  • Please avoid abusive language.

Reviews are a two way street. They help users get the best predictions, astrologers feedback and new users a guide to astrologer competence. Please use it with responsibility.

Reviews that fail to follow this etiquette guide will not be counted towards the average rating of the astrologer.

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